TLC Cleaners
30827 Thousand Oaks Blvd Westlake Village, CA 91362


Seminole Springs

My wardrobe was smelling of smoke and had small flakes of ash. TlC took a very large number of items and cleaned them perfectly and quickly. I appreciate their excellent service and am happy to have my cupboard back. Thanks

Westlake Village

These guys rock! My client needed his suit and two dress shirts pressed in 2hours and these guys took care of it for us. They actually found one of the shirts was missing a button and they took care of that also. They made me look good! Thank you so much!!

Westlake Village, CA
I have a much-loved pencil skirt and the lining was completely worn/torn out. Silva replaced the lining and the skirt is good as new! I caught her on a good day as this is not easy work to do, but I am glad that she agreed to do it. I have my skirt back and LOVE it. I will use her cleaners as well. If that is as good as Silva's tailoring/sewing,... Very happy and highly recommend.

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